A true expression of artistry- Eganville’s Park Art Festival of Creativity was a hit!

As photographers from the Ottawa valley, we try to do as many events as we can in the area. We had the absolute pleasure of setting up the Special Treasures Photography booth in our hometown of Eganville for the Park Art Festival of Creativity. Lisa and I were so excited about how much artistry was present. We not only were there as vendors, but were also asked to take pictures throughout the event. As we were shooting, we took time to chat with vendors individually. It became very clear to us that each vendor felt, about their form or art, the way we feel about our photography. It is brilliant to see the outcome of true passion. It brought to mind Anthony Robbin’s quote, “passion is the genesis of genius”. And how true it is in any form of art. It is also true that one of the best parts about art is sharing it and letting it be interpreted by others. Park Art was the perfect outlet to let that happen. Their were so many different forms of artistry, too many to name, ranging from wood turnings to paintings and homemade jewellery. It was a very impressive turnout as well. I even noticed that one artist, Kathrin Winkler, funds schools in third world countries with her ink drawings. It made me feel so blessed to be from such a wonderful, caring place!

There were so many other events going on throughout that day. The children had the opportunity to get a balloon character and enjoy different crafting stations. There was a DUNK TANK that was priceless to watch. I love capturing the exact moment of the “dunk”. It is wildly hilarious to see the expression on the face of the person falling to the water. Frisco’s catered and offered one of the best “sausage on a bun” that I have ever tasted. There was even a booth selling our homegrown Olympian’s (Melissa Bishop) support T-shirts. I did happen to see Eganville’s Mayor selling them for a few hours. The community seemed to support the event and everyone I have talked to gives it a great review. I think Hilary Robinson and Dana Jennings, among many others, need props for organizing such a fantastic event.

Musicians were scheduled continuously throughout the day. It really set the mood for the event! The variety of  musicians compared well to the variety of vendors throughout the park. Many people would take a break from walking around to listen for a while to one or more of the musicians. Some people brought their lawn chairs and spent the day just taking in the ‘sounds’ of park art. After all, music is it’s very own form of art.

Professor Crookshank’s travelling medicine show offered some comic relief for children and adults alike. He was a riot! Just what the doctor ordered for sure. I took a quote from his Facebook page explaining how his show came to be,

“A stranger has come to town, bringing with him mysteries from the far reach’s of another time and place. A purveyor of wonderment, that promises you the world… for a price. So much time has gone into building and creating this colorful, alternate   reality. Years of study and practical experience have gone into this New creation of a world that I once played in when I was a young man. …  Prof. Crookshank’s Traveling Medicine Show began as my first real production in 1979. I was fascinated with the Vaudeville time period and had witnessed in 1977, Sid Lorraine perform his ‘Amazing Fraznia’ routine at my first magic convention with my grandfather. The idea that a man, a stranger, could peddle medicines and unusual inventions to the public, seemed both amazing and sinister.   In 1979, I went to Los Angles for my first time and witnessed at Knotts Berry Farm, a full stage production of an old time Medicine Show, complete with a Showman’s Caravan as a backdrop. The performer was hilarious and reminded me of a mix between Willy Wonka and the Great Oz from The Wizard of Oz. From that moment onward I had it in my mind that I would create my own Medicine Show, to travel to carnivals for entertainment. I ran my Medicine Show from 1979 to 1991 and played at the Calgary Stampede and many other Carnivals and Fairs all over Western Canada. Flash forward to 2011… Prof. Crookshank’s Traveling Medicine Show is ready to hit the road. This production is huge in size and scope, bringing with it opportunities to build even a larger world as time goes on. Enjoy Prof. Crookshank’s Traveling Medicine Show…. its the perfect cure for the bland homogenised entertainment that you get spoon fed on a daily basis!!!”

I would definitely recommend him for any events where a magic show is needed.

Lisa and I decided we would offer mini sessions during Park Art. The Eganville Centennial Park is such a tranquil setting and so many people enjoy family, wedding, and other portrait sessions there. It made complete sense for us to provide clients with the opportunity to have there photo’s taken and still enjoy the event.

We are looking forward to the festival in years to come and are very happy we could capture some of these inspired artist’s work. It was a joy to capture the fun as well. It was well organized and well accomplished. A fantastic day!

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