Amelia & Cameron…Say I Do!

Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with Amelia and Cameron as they exchanged wedding vows and said “I Do!”

The rain was an issue as dark clouds hung over us for most of the day.  We had a short wait to start the ceremony so the bride didn’t get soaked, but we were very lucky for the portraits that the rain not only disappeared but the sun came out.  Rain on your wedding day is good luck and we wish this wonderful couple a lifetime of good luck and happiness!

The pre-wedding took place in a small salon. It was very cloudy when we first arrived but the sun showed its face shortly after the hair dressers started to work their magic. The bride’s party consisted of the bride’s two sisters and two close friends. It was great to see the maid of honour (Bride’s sister) applying make-up to her mother and sisters. She did a fantastic job at making the ladies look stunning, paying particular attention to the Bride of course! The ladies shared memories and mimosa’s…mmmm. They all seemed to have a little bit of nerves rising but were completely attentive to the Bride and all of her needs. The Bride even did her mother’s nails and helped with anyone who needed it. What team work went into making these ladies get ready without a hitch.

Back at the farm, where the wedding reception would take place in just a few hours, the ladies continued their mission on getting primped and pressed. At the Bride’s childhood farm we really felt the presence of FAMILY. The Groom’s mother and her team worked busily outside setting up the elegant tents and decor. It was a simple elegance that made me feel at home in a fairytale. The Bride’s mother worked inside getting everything in order for the day. No one looked stressed, although I am sure they may have been (just a little). Everyone joined in and prepared for this family’s baby daughter’s wedding. The last female to say I DO… How perfect.

Lisa and I arrived at the ceremony and were greeted by a treacherous downpour. Lisa headed into the church to capture candids of the guests and the Groom’s party. I stayed back and awaited the Bride’s  arrival. The rain poured almost horizontally flooding the entrance of the church. When the bride and her party arrived they were forced to wait untill the wind and rain died down enough to enter the church. The bride was eventually escorted in under an umbrella and her Groom awaited!

The ceremony was performed by a priest who celebrated his first Canadian wedding with the couple. It was very moving. I heard many sniffles from behind me and the couple spent the entire ceremony lost in the moment of love. The couple was beaming with joy and expressed such true happiness. When the couple was announced at the end of the ceremony, they received a standing ovation. It almost seemed like they were overwhelmed with their reception and I couldn’t help but giggle at how they resembled “two kids in a candy shop”.

Following the ceremony we were hit by off and on rain. Luckily, we managed to get breaks of sun and were able to capture the true essence of this couple. They not only looked like a million bucks, but they were also a lot of fun. The couple had some the photos taken at a heritage park where the Groom had family heirlooms on showcase. It was a first for me to see a personal connection to the venue for formals. It made the day even more meaningful.

The remainder of the formal photographs were taken at the Bride’s family farm. It was a beautiful location and was flooded with friends and family celebrating the couple.

The final thing about this day that really made an impression on us, was the presence of children throughout the day. I had to include a few photos of the kids because they were so darn cute! The innocence and fun-loving spirit of children helped enlighten the day even more.

We wish you the best future. Congratulations Amelia and Cameron!