Be Yourself… (Ottawa Valley Portrait Photographer)

We have always wanted to be able to capture the essence of a teenage girl/or boy , but in this case girl. It is such an important time in one’s life. This girl is herself and has many different sides to her individuality. We hope that the pictures do justice to her inner makings and I believe we have captured her true beauty both inside and out. I have to say one of my personal fav shoots to date. I can’t wait to do more of these in the future.

Why do you mat your images?

We are asked this question often, we usually explain to our customers when we met with them, but others who may be browsing our Galleries or our Facebook page will often ask why we mat our images.

It is really a simple answer!  We shoot in RAW.  RAW is a file format which photographers use to keep the most amount of data in the images we take.  It is also not a standard printing size.  A typical RAW image that I load into my editing software is about 11.65 x 17.5 and can often be even larger.

This size is difficult to print.  The most common or “standard” printing sizes are 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, as well as a few other enlargement sizes like 11×14 or 16×20 although they are not as commonly used.  These standard sizes are not the same ratios at different sizes they are completely different.Image

You can see from the sample image above that some shapes are more rectangular and some more squared.


When we do not mat our images and you would like to print the same image in different sizes you risk cutting off part of your image.  You will notice from the examples above depending on the size you would like to print, it can cut a substantial portion of your image as marked by the green arrows.

By adding the mat you can decide how much of the image you want cropped or you can decide to leave a small boarder around your image.  The boarder is usually not visible when your images are framed.


You can see from the example above that there is a small black area of the mat left in the image, but the image itself is not going to be cut off.

We usually mat our images on black mats but we are able to create custom colours too!

Cottage Bliss- Jenna and Jordan’s Beautiful Wedding

I am so excited to sit down and compose this blog. We have so many favorite moments from this wedding that it is hard to choose just a few… So I WON’T haha. This amazing couple is just so in love! It was very clear to me, that while the couple was very happy with the guests arrival, they were so focused on each other for the entire day. A very rustic fairytale unfolded in front of our lenses. On the dock, in front of a network of some very stunning cottages, two people said their vows…And I have never been so sure of love as I was watching it all unfold. You will see in all of the pictures that the wedding party was fabulous to work with and that all of the pictures taken were representations of the intimate bond of this couple and their closest family and friends. We witnessed the true meaning of friendship, the beginning of many reconnections, and the affirmation of commitment. The lighting was perfect, as was the weather. I got soaking wet shooting the ceremony from the water as I crouched to get “the shot”, but it was all worth it…Even the giggles I got after from my partner photographer (who managed to stay dry while shooting from the water). For this wedding I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves and tell a story of a very romantic fairytale. Enjoy!