Hog Wild Pork Fest Photos are now Posted!

As we mentioned it was a busy weekend at Hog Wild Pork Fest in Renfrew and we took thousands of photos, which took us a while to sort out and get posted.  The final tally is 3020 images of the various events and happenings!  We are happy to report the photos are now posted all 3020 of them!  We appologize for taking so long but we had so much fun taking photos we didn’t realize how many we had taken until the weekend was over.  As photographers we often see things differently than most folks.  While a biker sees the bike and can appreciate it as a bike, Jenn and I see something more, some of the bikes we saw over the weekend and the details are art and we really enjoyed photographing them and all the details.  It didn’t help that everyone had there bikes polished and shined and looking great, it was hard to pull our atttention away!

Centennial Harley

Centennial Harley Display

You can find photos from various events like the Centennial Harley Display,  BBQ Cook-off, Show and Shine and some Entertainment can be found by clicking this link:


Demolition Derby

We also have over 1600 photos from the Legends of the Super Smash Demolition Derby which can be found here:


The Grass Hogs Lawn Tractor racing is available here:  Make sure you check out these 1200 photos.  This was a really fun event to watch!  I had no idea that a lawn mower could go that fast!


Junior Lawn Tractor Heat

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Hog Wild Pork Fest May 19-20th 2012

Hog Wild Pork Fest was a busy weekend, We took close to 2000 photos and are sorting them as quickly as we can and hope to start posting them by this evening.  We will have photos from the Demolition Derby, The Centennial Harley Display inside the Armories, the Show and Shine, and of course the Lawn Tractor racing.

We also have some great photos of some of the awesome bikes that were parked in the fair grounds.

Thank you for all the interest and we apologize for the delay.